• 25 km ladies and men
  • 40 km ladies and men
  • 78 km ladies and men
  • 100 km ladies and men
  • 100 miles (160 km) ladies and men


  • 24 km ladies and men
  • 78 km ladies and men



Route map of 2021 event  HERE

Route map as Info map version 2020 HERE.

Distances between service points:

  • Hossa – Palosen maja 30 km
  • Palosen maja-Arola 24 km
  • Arola-Martinselkonen 25 km
  • Martinselkonen-Puras 39 km
  • Puras-Raate 15 km
  • Raate-Maali 25 km

Martinselkonen: https://www.martinselkonen.fi/en/

Arola: https://www.arolabear.com/

Raatteen portti: https://www.raatteenportti.fi/en/

Kiannon Kuohut: https://www.kiannonkuohut.fi/en/hotel-accommodation/



Timetable will be updated here soon!


Accommodation options in Suomussalmi HERE



Bus transportation times and prices: 

  • Hotel Spa Kiannon Kuohut – Hossa  20€ 
  • Hotel Spa Kiannon Kuohut – Arola 20€
  • Hotel Spa Kiannon Kuohut – Martinselkonen 20€
  • Hotel Spa Kiannon Kuohut – Puras 10€
  • Hotel Spa Kiannon Kuohut – Raatteen Portti 10€

Transportation will be reserved and paid with the registration.

Bikers who need transport from Martinselkonen to the Hossa starting point (78km fatbike) must register in advance with Markku Määtä, sales (AT) martinselkonen.fi.


The participants have possibility to get their own service bags (drop bags) delivered to the finish and 78km and 120km service point (100miles skiers). Participants must leave those drop bags in the organizers bus at the start area and the organizer will transport the bags to Martinselkonen (78km), Raatteen Portti (140km) and finish. THE PARTICIPANTS MUST TAG THEIR BAGS CLEARLY WITH THEIR OWN COMPETITION NUMBER!

On the route, there are organizers maintained service points approximately after each 50km. Map of the service points will be updated here later. Besides that, the skiers/bikers should be equipped with their own service equipment. Obligatory competitor equipment will be updated here later. Energy drinks are sponsored by High5. 

At the finish, warm soup lunch is waiting for the competitors (included in the registration fee). For 100 mile (160 km) skiers, soup in 78km service point is included to the entry fee. Food is served by showing your number bib.

100 mile, 100 km, 78 km and 40km skiers, also small snack (bread/drink) in included in the entry fee in Arola (100 mile skiers) and Raatteen Portti service points.



GPS-tracking devices for on-line tracking are given for all of the 40km, 78 km, 100 km and 160km skiers. The device must be carried with and switched on throughout the race.



There will be one First Aid patrol along the route and one patrol in each service point/finish. In the middle of the wilderness, it takes some time to get help. If you or someone else is injured or needs assistance, call emergency number 112 (serious cases) and ICE numbers marked on the route maps. Attention! ICE number must be stored in the phone´s memory.

When calling help, tell as accurately as possible your location and the closest km-sign. Everyone´s phones must be switched on all the time. Organizers must be able to contact participant by phone when needed (for example if we notice from the GPS tracking that the participant is going to wrong direction). Therefore remember to charge the battery of the mobile phone before the start and keep voices on. For the longer distances, it is useful to have extra battery or charger with you. 



Every participant gets memory souvenir prize. Addition to that several lottery prizes will be raffled among the participants. 

The prize list will be completed here as the event approaches:

  • Martinselkonen Wilderness Centre’s gift card, with the choice of EITHER the evening trip to the bear stall (2 people) OR winter accommodation package 1 day / 2 person accommodation incl. Breakfast, meal, evening sauna and use of either snowshoes or fatbike during the day.




Timo Kinnunen
E-mail: timokinnunen@pp.inet.fi

Puh: 040-4112256

Competition secretary

Hannastiina Piikivi
E-mail: liikunta@suomussalmi.fi
Tel: +358 (0)44 5859 700


Kainuu Regional Sport Association
E-mail: tapahtumat@kainuunliikunta.fi