February winter on Kainuu’s eastern border where the desert meets the immense silence and the short winter day meets the blue dimness. Nature is ruthless in mid-winter. The experience can be bitter cold. Sometimes this time of the year, the fierce snowstorm might surprise the skier. Overall, it is accompanied by the enormous distances of Kainuu wilderness.


Ruthless and uninhabited wilderness. Every fifty (50) kilometers an inhabited yard will appear front of you. The only animals in the wild winter are small birds and the ravens that are following you hoping to get some food. On the snow, you can see the traces where wolves and wolverines have been wandering after reindeers and elks. Nights are desolate and that quietness is broken only by wolves howling.


Nature can sometimes be ruthless. In nature, it has to be respected. Respect nature, live on its terms. Then nature will give you an experience that captivates you.

Wintry day in the desert of Kainuu is an unforgettable experience.

Come and experience. Feel and hear. That is Ruthless Raja.